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    A read and review of your work: Full Manuscript Review
    Develop your book with a mentor: Bespoke Mentoring


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    A line-by-line edit of your manuscript to help iron out grammatical mistakes and inconsistencies: Final Polish


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    Post a question to a literary agent: Agony Agent
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    “A definitive guide, in here you'll find everything you need” S.J. Watson on the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook

    Essential advice on the writing and publishing process, and all of the industry contacts you need.

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    The first four titles in our Writers' & Artists' Guide To... series are now available, and provide the sort of essential guidance and advice on the writing and publishing process every unpublished author needs.

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    We offer a number of events & editing services geared towards helping you to get your book published.

    Find out what writers we've worked with in the past have to say. 

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See our highlights and find out which stage you are at on your writing journey.



How To Get An Agent For TV & Screen

Agent Cynthia Okoye leads our first ever masterclass dedicated to the process of submitting work for TV and film.


Negative Capability

An exclusive extract from Michèle Roberts' memoir, which recounts the year that followed her latest novel being rejected by her publisher.

How To Get Your Play Published And Performed

How To Get Your Play Published And Performed

Playwright Temi Wilkey offers practical steps for writers ready to discover, share and develop their own dramatic voice in order to fulfil the dream of seeing their work performed on stage.

Evening Masterclasses

Evening Masterclasses

If you're looking to develop characters, need help finding your 'voice' or want to hear from literary agents, these sessions in August could be just what you need.


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    Creating The Yearbook

    by: Alysoun Owen | 20/07/2023

  • 比特加速器修改vip时长
    What Happens When You Put 14 Crime Writers on Lock-down?

    by: Victoria Selman | 13/05/2023

  • Winner Announced: W&A Short Story Competition 2023

    by: Admin | 14/04/2023

  • Shortlist Announced: W&A Short Story Competition 2023

    by: Admin | 30/03/2023

  • 比特加速器修改vip时长
    Draft One Complete... Now What?

    by: Kayleigh Keam | 19/02/2023


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    Hi, I'm new here. I just turned 22 and just finished a degree in illustration only to realise my passion... read more

    by: Ella Harwood | 5 days ago

  • 2 Answers
    Not a Question

    Don't know if anyone's read the last entry on share work but I think it needs to come off pretty quick... 比特加速器修改vip时长

    by: ELSIE BYRON | 2 weeks ago

  • 1 Answer
    Question for TV scriptwriters

    God I'm getting so confused with capitalisations! In German, all nouns are capitalised, even in the middle... read more

    by: Gordon Greaves | 3 weeks ago

  • Answers
    English Documents Writer

    I'm a researcher/writer based in Germany (English is my mother-tongue and I'm fluent in German and Afrikaans... read more

    by: Gordon Greaves | 3 weeks ago


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  • 比特加速器修改vip时长
    Video: How To Write a Page-Turner

    Ahead of her May 2023 online writing course with Writers & Artists, bestselling crime fiction author Caroline Green offers a short introduction to how to write a page-turner.

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    Video: Lucy van Smit on Writing YA

    Author of THE HURTING, Lucy van Smit, talks us through her writing process and how she developed her YA novel.

  • Video: Interview with Literary Agent Davinia Andrew-Lynch

    Literary agent Davinia Andrew-Lynch talks about the role of the literary agent and what she's looking for in a submission.

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